Operation Sunshine WA Incorporated is a not for profit, volunteer run, Perth based, children's charity organisation providing support to children and youth in crisis care and in out-of-home care under the care of the Western Australian government. Children in out-of-home care may reside in Group Homes, Residential Care, or Foster Care.​​​

At Operation Sunshine, we believe that every child has the right to be happy, to have a sense of belonging, self-worth, and to feel that they are cared about and valued.

We aim to assist these children in being able to do this, despite their unfortunate circumstances.

Children who are placed in state care have often been victims of abuse, or witness to parental abuse. So too have children who enter crisis accommodation escaping situations of family and domestic violence. These children have the emotional stress of being disjointed from their families, dealing with the trauma of thier violent and abusive circumstances, and coping with the isolation they experience after leaving their familiar home enviroments. 

Through the generosity of our supporters we raise funds and collect goods to provide these children and youth access to a happier childhood and an increased sense of belonging.​

The beginnings of OSWA

Executive Committee

Leah Atkinson 
Kristina Hammond
Hayley Vercoe
Casey Grant​​
General Members
Erin Tan
Venetta Atkinson
Kylie Lynn
Zoe Minshall

​​Having spent time in out-of-home care as a young child, Operation Sunshine founder Leah Atkinson was driven by her desire to bring happiness to children experiencing the same traumatic childhood circumstances by donating Christmas presents to a group home organisation for Christmas 2014.

The collection quickly grew with family, friends, and the wider community becoming involved and what was initially going to be just a few donations ended up being gifts for over 200 children in care that needed a large box trailer to deliver.

To reach even more children in care, a committee was quickly formed and Operation Sunshine WA was officially launched in March 2015. 

Soon the group began providing emergency care packs, called Sunshine Packs, for children entering out-of-home care as a way of minimising the negative impact they faced and providing some comfort to them at a time of great trauma and uncertainty.

Maintaining a link to the group's origins they continue to run an annual Christmas Appeal,  in addition to the ongoing provision of Sunshine Packs to children and youth in out-of-home and crisis accommodation across the state of Western Australia.
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