Sunshine Packs
Approximately 1,100 children enter out-of-home care in Western Australia each year. These children enter care through no fault of their own, in many cases having been removed from violent and abusive situations at little or no notice. Many children enter care with no belongings of their own and at times just the clothes they are wearing at the time of removal.
Sunshine Packs are an ongoing project run by Operation Sunshine. Created and delivered to Child Protection offices, out-of-home care organisations, and crisis accommodation organisations across Western Australia they are given to children and youth at the time of entering care.

The packs are designed to create a sense of self-worth, preserve dignity, show they are valued and cared about, give comfort, and help alleviate the isolation and negative impact that dispacement has on the children entering care.

Each pack is filled with age and gender appropriate essential and comfort items.

A typical Sunshine Pack will contain the following items;

Top & Pants
Hairbrush or comb
Colouring book/pencils
Soft toy
Reading book

Please download the drop point list to find details of the donation drop point closest to you.

We are in constant need of donations of single items, full packs, or funds to cover the cost of creating Sunshine Packs. If you can assist us in the ongoing provision of these essential packs please contact us via facebook, instagram, email, or simply donate through our mycause account.
Annual Christmas Gift Appeal
Each year we partner with multiple out-of-home care organisations to provide Christmas gifts to children and youth in out-of-home care across Western Australia.

The gifts provide a sense of joy and excitement to these young people at a time when being separated from their families can be even more  painful and amplify the negative emotional impact of their displacement.

Our Annual Christmas Gift Appeal runs from September to mid November each year.
We collect only brand new items to be given as Christmas presents to the children on our lists that we recieve from the care organisations we partner with.
If you would like to donate to our Christmas Gift Appeal, and bring some extra happiness to a child in care this Christmas please contact us via facebook, instagram, or  email,  

Feedback and Testimonials

These packs are always appreciated by the children who recieve them and are essential for those who come into care in an emergency situation. Providing each child with warm pyjamas, underwear, socks, toiletries, a cuddly soft toy and a book or tow makes such a difference to chilren who don't have a lot to call their own and can offer some comfort under difficult circumstances.
With all of the 'big people' stuff that needs to be arranged, something that some people might see as a small insignificant thing, is actually something that can mean the world to a child, and these Sunshine Packs, and Operation Sunshine, help us to be able to show these children we really care about them and that they are wanted and loved.
They are amazing. I can see a lot of thought has gone into the choices of back pack and the contents to suit each age and gender. They have obviously been put together with love. The labels listing the contents are fantastic too and so helpful. We are very grateful that you have thought of the children in the South West who will benefit from this generous gesture.

Case Worker

Senior CPFS Worker

District Director CPFS

We had two kids come into our care last tuesday with nothing but turned up wiht your amazing bags. Thank you so much. The two year old carries her teddy everywhere, she loves it.
​Thanks so much.
The magical smile on the face of the young recipient at a time of trauma or risk really brings home how vulnerable these youngsters are and how much this gesture from Operation Sunshine has  a positive and engaging effect.
It's rough on a child coming into care, it's very distressing for all involved. Having something to call their own and something new just for them, I feel, is very important. We are very lucky to have Operation Sunshine WA supporting us and our children in care.

Foster Carer

Brevet Senior Sergeant

Senior Case Worker

Watching children opening their Sunshine Packs is such a delight. Sometimes they can be a little bit shy, but once they see all of their goodies they tend to relax and be a bit more open to having a chat and opening up with their new case workers and their new families.
The Sunshine Packs provide the children with a sense of belonging, especially if they have entered care with little to no belongings.
I had two little boys come late Tuesday night with nothing except a Sunshine back pack. I can't even explain how excited they were to open it and find some pj's, playdough, books, and "a beautiful soft teddy" (his words).
Thank you so much for everything you do.

Foster Care Agency Staff

Senior Case Worker

Foster Carer

It's the little things that make all the difference. He was so excited when he opened his Sunshine Pack and saw all of the amazing stuff that was inside. He spent hours afterwards drawing in his colouring book, playing with slime and the other toys that were in there, even making sure that everything in his bag had its own place in his new bedroom. The second he saw his new pj's with the spaceship he couldn't wait to put them on as his new bedroom is space themed with stars and planets. Thank you so much for everything you have done, definitely brought a little ray of sunshine into his day when he recieved his bag!
The children all loved their presents, and the general consensus from everyone (including staff) was that the presents were really special. Thank you for adding a little sunshine this Christmas to children's lives.
Thank you Leah for dropping off a pink and blue back pack full of things to delight our little visitors. New socks, undies, pj's, fluffy puppy and pussy cat, colouring book and pencils, story books, hair brush, toothbrush and paste.
It was very much appreciated.

Foster Carer

Foster Carer

Foster Carer